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Fri Oct 3 19:37:36 CEST 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 13:58, Patrick Julien wrote:

> Well, you still have no line primitives in KisPainter.

Okay... That would mean code similar to QPainter, I guess. I was hoping that 
the tools would take care of those, though.

> > Hm. This is getting deeper and deeper -- since you don't have time to
> > implement your plan, is there a way to hack up some temporary scaffolding
> > that would at least allow others to start with a more-or-less working
> > set?
> Yes, you can use what is there, until the strategies are in, KisPainter
> assumes an RGB color model.

Well, RGB should suffice -- unless you mean there's no RGBA either. One would 
need alpha, I guess.
> Well, I can easily answer that question, nothing is finished.  I was still
> working on the core.  I had mostly undo/redo done, and was working on the
> rendering engine.  Porting to microtile was done, however, the rendering
> system was still not complete.

Hmmm. No design notes anywhere? Test code that shows that the strategy you 
planned would work after all?

Anyway, I think I'll spend the weekend on trying to create a mental map of 
what's what in the krita code, and more specifically, what needs to be 

Did you tag krita cvs before you began your reworking? That would help me get 
a diff and then try to find out where you were headed.

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