Need PPC testers - bigendian issues

John Califf
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 20:05:15 -0500

I need a few people to test krayon on a PPC or other bigendian hardware
to determine whether or not there are problems with colors being off on
such hardware. 

The problems may have been fixed for over a week, but I have no way of
testing this.  You do not need to be a programmer to determine this.  If
colors are off, color channels should be rotated 270 degress, so that
everything is shifted to yellow and the alpha channels is replaced with
blue values, etc. - or worse.  In any case, whether there are problems
or not, a screenshot of krayon (just do some scribbling with different
colors and tools or load an image into a layer, or "import image" from
the image menu) would be appreciated to help me assess this situation. 
You will have to provide a link to the screenshot because such graphics
are too big for attachments on kde mailing lists.

If you run krayon from the command line, you will get some output now
telling you whether your hardware is bigendian or littlendian regarding
both byte order and bit order.  Certain decision are made on the basis
of that.  With bigendian, certain "optimized" routines aren't used
anymore.  These seemed to have had no noticeable effect on performance
anyway, and could well have caused problems with bigendian 16 bit
displays.  But I don't see how there could have been problems with 32
bit displays even with the original code from months ago.

Please be sure to use a recent snapshot or cvs for testing.

If you are a coder who thinks he/she is knowledgeable on these issues,
feel free to modify the code yourself.  You do not need my permission if
you have cvs access. Look in koffice/kimageshop/core/  It's
well documented internally.  Just be sure to put in a little note about
your changes with your name and to test before committing. 

Thank you,

John Califf