[Kget] metalink suport

albryan at comcast.net albryan at comcast.net
Tue Feb 27 06:25:16 CET 2007

> Hi Guys :)
> Now kget suports metalink for the http/ftp protocols
> it is in early states but is operational :)
> i'm waiting for Dario's changes to finish it 

Thanks, Manolo! This is great news! I can't wait to try it out. KGet isn't included in the new kde 4 preview, is it? since it's in the make_kget_cool directory? Will kget support checksums, both for full files and for partial files (for repairing downloads)?

Urs, thanks for mentioning metalink on the commit digest. That was nice to read :) Hopefully the metalink mimetype will be registered with IANA pretty soon.

There was also a post on slashdot and another interesting blog:



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