[Kget] branches/work/make_kget_cool/kget/transfers/multisegmentkio

Manolo Valdes nolis71cu at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 14:52:09 CET 2006

SVN commit 604618 by mvaldes:

MultisegKIO now use KIO::Get for the segments and KIO::file for the local file.
this should fix many problems with http redireccions and so. ftp also works now.

I make a segmentfactory class that handle the segments and olso can be used in the metalink plugin

now we pass a QList<KUrl> to the MultiSegfile_copy funtion. i'm planing to make a search funtion to return an KUrl List. any help or idea is welcome :)

CCMAIL: kget at kde.org

 M  +1 -2      CMakeLists.txt  
 M  +81 -300   MultiSegKio.cpp  
 M  +82 -136   MultiSegKio.h  
 A             segmentfactory.cpp   [License: GPL]
 A             segmentfactory.h   [License: GPL]
 M  +36 -11    transferMultiSegKio.cpp  
 M  +3 -2      transferMultiSegKio.h  
 M  +2 -3      transferMultiSegKioFactory.cpp  

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