[Kget] [Bug 104341] Kget crashes when pausing some running downloads

Dovix dovix2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 02:35:48 CEST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From dovix2003 yahoo com  2006-06-14 02:35 -------
I am also getting crashes all the time when pausing/stopping downloads - didn't find a pattern but the crash happens in about 1 of 4 paused downloads.

I get sygnal 11 - here's what's on the terminal:

kio (KIOJob): SlaveInterface::sendResumeAnswer ok for resuming :true
kget: [void Transfer::slotRequestDelay()] |--( GUI )--| >>>>Entering 
kget: [void Transfer::logMessage(const QString&)] |--( GUI )--| >>>>Entering Delaying
kget: [void Transfer::logMessage(const QString&)] |--( GUI )--| >>>>Leaving 
kget: [void Slave::Op(Slave::SlaveCommand)] |--TH_ID ( 3061668256 )--| >>>>Entering  _cmd = 5
kget: [void Slave::Op(Slave::SlaveCommand)] |--TH_ID ( 3061668256 )--| >>>>Leaving 
kget: [void Transfer::slotRequestDelay()] |--( GUI )--| >>>>Leaving 
kget: [virtual void Slave::run()] |--TH_ID ( 3058371488 )--|  FETCHED COMMAND       DELAY
kio (KIOJob): Job::kill this=0x81aaa58 KIO::FileCopyJob m_progressId=0 quietly=true
kio (Scheduler): Scheduler: killing slave 12492
kio (Slave): killing slave pid=12492 (file://)
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = kget path = <unknown> pid = 12469
kio (KIOJob): Job::kill this=0x823bfc8 KIO::TransferJob m_progressId=0 quietly=true
kio (Scheduler): Scheduler: killing slave 12493
kio (Slave): killing slave pid=12493 (<server name removed>)
kio (KIOJob): Job::kill this=0x81acfc8 KIO::TransferJob m_progressId=0 quietly=true

In this case I simply resumed one of 4 downloads, then paused it. After a couple of time it crashed.

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