[Kget] Plugin config pages and other things... (was: branches/work/make_kget_cool/kget/conf)

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at kde.org
Tue Dec 19 22:52:12 CET 2006

Hi all

I'm back after a looong break... I have had to do a lot for school. Now I 
should have more time to work on KDE again. :)

Manolo: Your idea with such a config page for each transfer plugin is a good 
idea. I like it. It would be nice if you could implement a config page for 
your multisegmentkio plugin ;)

But I have a problem to get your plugin fully working. Please see the the 
following log:
This is when I stop a transfer (or a transfer group). These errormessages 
appear until I press CTRL+C for a _long_ time. I hope you have an idea how to 
fix it. ;)


On Tuesday 19 December 2006 04:59, Manolo Valdes wrote: 
> SVN commit 614833 by mvaldes:
> Add plugins settings widget
> it is a tab widget that every plugin add its own setting widget.
> we need to add a new virtual funtion to the transferfactory class in order
> to get the plugin setting widget, and can be added to the tab.
> this way we also know how many plugins kget is actually using.
> ideas are welcome :)
>  A dlgplugins.ui
>  M +5 -0 preferencesdialog.cpp
>  M +1 -0 preferencesdialog.h
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