[Kexi] Unicode collation sequences for Kexi - the solution

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at kde.org
Sun Dec 18 17:57:29 UTC 2011

Hi again,
Unicode collation sequences for default Kexi (SQLite databases) is
what defines _distinction_ between 1. ease of use and ease of
deployment desktop db solutions and 2. complexity of server solutions
(powerfull but tuned by hand, fragile to changes).

I invested into a small research first at
[http://community.kde.org/Kexi/KexiDB/KexiDB_Drivers/SQLite] and now I
am closer to a final solution to fix bug
[https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=278411]. Since it's a bugfix,
I'd like to have allowed for 2.4.

For your information (and comments) I'd like to openly note things
relevant to the deployment side.
If you are interested, please read sections 'Ensuring Kexi is built
with capable version of libsqlite3' and 'How to deal with incapable
libsqlite3 versions?'.


After I commit the solution let's be aware that on 'noncapable'
libsqlite3 cmake can refuse kexi from building 'thanks to' the
detailed checks I am adding.
So looking in advance the 'Alternative solution' for some distros (and
their versions) is to deliver copy of 'capable' libsqlite3,
non-conflicting with the 'system' one, before the distros catch up.
I am considering having a fallback copy of libsqlite3 code properly
configured in a 3rdparty/ directory of kexi, which would be compiled
_only_ if libsqlite3 is found in a proper version but is not 'capable'
to handle unicode collations. Dedicated warning would be displayed

This effort also prepares ground for introducing other features that
require extensions, e.g. engine-side scripting or custom types. The
same will be done in Predicate libs
[http://community.kde.org/Predicate] that sooner or later will replace

On the other hand it would be interesting to know from Roger (CC'd) or
other sqlite people what they think about enabling extensions by
default in libsqlite3. Some people building libsqlite3 may overlook
the fact that this option is disabled by default and thus any
extensions are also disabled.

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
 Kexi & Calligra (kexi-project.org, identi.ca/kexi, calligra-suite.org)
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