[Kexi] Sqlite, Spatialite, ODBC and Kexi

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 13:44:35 CEST 2010

Hi Jaroslaw

Thanks again for your reply.

My idea is to use Kexi as user interface for my forest management and
carbon sequestration linear programming modelling so farmers and
foresters can use it very easily.
I saw great potential of using Kexi since there is business graphics
included for the results aside from interface into database i.e.
sqlite / spatialite and postgresql / postgis. Spatialite and PostGIS
are spatial databases.

> SQLite is limited in terms of metadata and types declaration, that's the
> reason.

> Things at sqlite level improved since the decission was made, so that
> gives some hope.

This is good news.

>> I think you can easily do support for sqlite and spatialite thru ODBC.
>> I think you know that there is odbc for sqlite. I am using the odbc
>> sqlite for my linear programming model.
> That's true but ODBC is by definition very limited stipped-down API.

> Speaking of limited APIs, for _now_ you can always export your
> native-sqlite database tables to CSV files and improt them,
> one-by-one. It that's performed with care, you'll see the same tables
> in the new .kexi file as in your current file.

Yes, I did this. This is not the problem for me. I can always create
the tables and let the user input the data or import the data.

As mentioned, the end users are farmers, land owners and forester who
are not really keen doing these things.

> I fully understand - this is suboptimal.

My problem is reading the kexi file outside kexi thru odbc.

> Other way is to recreate empty tables in Kexi and then copy the data
> by executing SQL scripts created by .dump command of sqlite.
> Please check if the querying capability of Kexi is sufficient for you
> before deciding to use it as a frontend these months.

Yes, this is good idea. I use .loadshp in spatialite to import
shapefile (ArcGIS polygons and data into spatialite.

>> Is Kexi2.3 has support for sqlite?
> 2.4 or later would support it. Importance of the feature depends on
> number of requests - you're the first showing so much interest.

Support for sqlite in Kexi is winning feature for Kexi. It attacks a
lot of users especially non programmers. Linux needs filemaker
alternative and every filemaker users is looking for support for
sqlite and postgresql. Augmenting the business graphics would be good
as well. If there is support for python, we can use matplotlib for
graphics. It just need a matplotlib container similar to Orange.


I tried glom and I think kexi is far advantage than glom.

Kexi just needs some examples included in the package so users can start using i

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Noli

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