[Kexi] A large Kexi form text field shrinks unexpectedly

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Fri Aug 24 09:08:14 CEST 2007

Detlef Lechner pisze:

> Am Donnerstag, den 23.08.2007, 14:19 +0200 schrieb Jarosław Staniek:
>> Could you please publish the bitmap again as it looks corrupted, or use 
>> http://imageshack.us/?
> This site appears not to be functional.
> http://bayimg.com/BagboaABe shows my Kexi form displaying correctly a
> table which I imported from my Access database. 
> http://bayimg.com/bAGbNaabe shows my Kexi form displaying incorrectly
> the same table but which was exported as a csv file, appended by about
> 3000 records and reimported to the same Kexi project. The difference
> being the 'definition' field type is not 'large text' but 'text'.

Detlef, thanks for your explanation. It's clear now that you have used Auto 
Field widget for the 'Definition' data. One thing what is hidden until Kexi 2, 
because of internal reasons, is "Widget Type" property of the AutoField. In 
Kexi 2 you could just change this type by hand, overriding "text" type of the 
table field.
Your case is pretty important, so may I ask you to file an "Unhide 
"widgetType" property for Auto Field form widget" wish in bugs.kde.org?

In Kexi 1 for this single field you can just use "Text editor" widget instead 
of Auto Field. you can add a label widget by hand as well, and the result will 
mostly identical as before, just the Text Editor will display multiline text 
no matter what variant of the text is declared in the table field's design.

Another thing is that later, CSV import should alow for fine-tuning of column' 
data types to the extreme, just as in table designer.

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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