[Kexi-devel] Kexi porting: kproperty and kreport still in scratch repos for now

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at kde.org
Mon Feb 23 23:53:28 UTC 2015

On 12 February 2015 at 09:17, Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Based on todays IRC conversation with the admin (below), I propose
> that keep kproperty and kreport still in my scratch repos[1] for some
> more time before we're satisfied with history and dir layout. In 10
> days 2.9 will be released and more energy would go to the porting
> tasks.

OK, update:
(affects calligra libs so CC'd calligra-devel)

1. Today I reorganized directory structure of KReport and KProperty according to

KProperty's history is kept carefully down to Jan 5 2004!
(note: pushed to my scratch repo
Can be used already to continue porting kproperty)

KReport's history is kept since Mar 7 2008, the time of our OpenRPT fork.

KReport takes its history to src/ from (chronologically):

report plugins go to src/plugins/ from (chronologically):

(note: NOT yet pushed to my kreport scratch repo, editing such big
repo as calligra needs more time)

2. I also moved to my personal clone repo for predicate as history
editing can happen only there, otherwise git hooks could crash the
Internet and global email system :)

(note: pushed already to

Hope this helps.

> [08:59] <bcooksley> jstaniek: mainline repositories can never have
> force push permissions granted on a permanent basis
> [08:59] <bcooksley> it breaks the notification hooks
> [09:00] <jstaniek> bcooksley: thx, and can I remove branches?
> [09:01] <bcooksley> of course, repo administrators have always been
> able to delete branches and tags
> [09:01] <bcooksley> the 'master' branch is protected by Git itself and
> is indeliable
> [09:01] <jstaniek> ok, did not know this is the default; that's enough
> - we'll start by having work-<N> work branches that will be removed
> one day
> [09:03] * bcooksley isn't sure what is being planned here with piggz
> and jstaniek...
> [09:03] <bcooksley> i'll set the repos up in a bit
> [09:03] <bcooksley> please don't circumvent the no-force push rule by
> creating new branches / deleting old ones
> [09:03] <bcooksley> because that has the same effect
> [09:04] <bcooksley> we spam out a shit load of mail, and trigger all
> sorts of hooks
> [..]
> [09:08] <jstaniek> bcooksley: hmm so maybe
> kde:scratch/staniek/kproperty needs to be used for a bit more time
> [09:09] <bcooksley> basically you need to be ready to fully split off
> the mainline Calligra repo
> [09:09] <bcooksley> and settle down into normal development patterns
> [09:09] <bcooksley> i'm not sure why you need to force push though...
> [09:09] <bcooksley> frameworks did it w/out force pushes
> [09:10] <jstaniek> I am preparing the history avoiding unnecessary
> 'move' commits that hides the real history
> [09:10] <bcooksley> so you're polishing your filter-branch stuff?
> [09:10] <jstaniek> y
> [09:11] <bcooksley> that should definitely be in a scratch repo then
> [09:11] <jstaniek> so please pause the creation of the repos - just
> because someone can push there too soon
> [1] https://community.kde.org/Kexi/Porting_to_Qt%26KF_5#koproperty

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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