5.6.1 KDE Widget Style

Simon Walter simon at explicit.technology
Wed Jul 7 05:24:37 BST 2021

Hi all,

I've been using the 5.6.0 release ever since it's release in September
last year. It's been fantastic! Thank you very much to all the
developers and contributors!

I'm using the AppImage and with the 5.6.1 release, it doesn't seem to
respect the KDE Widget Style I've set in the KDE System Settings (Breeze).

Or! Maybe I forgot how to change it...? With the AppImage, I know the
Color Scheme is manually set. Is the Widget Style manually set also?

Another hint is that the mouse cursor also changes when entering the
Kdevelop window. Maybe my KDE libs are old?

It's not a big problem. Just in case someone knows a simple fix, I'd be
interested to hear about it.

Best regards,


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