Debugger session resets current session context

leonp at leonp at
Sat Jun 1 12:46:54 BST 2019

I totally agree with you.
When I raised this issue many years ago, I was told here that this is  
on purpose concept of working sets.
I tried to accept this and even tried to build and use my working  
sets, but finally abandoned this and came to my concept of usage: try  
not to exit the debug working set as long as you can: make all editing  
in it. When you are ready, exit it, compile and run debug - you are  
back at the same place in your code, where you were when (most  
probably) you stopped when have found a bug.

On Friday, 31 May 2019 14:05:03 IDT Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> When you start debugging it opens different session context. That
> means: different file, cursor location and file list order. Now
> returning back to where you were is not so easy: file list order is
> gone and Ctrl+Tab doesn't help, cursor positions point to be the
> beginning of files. Why it works like this? Which purpose different
> debugger context is good for? When debugger is stopped it doesn't
> return back to original context fully: file order is lost, some cursor
> positions are not like before.


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