About Background Parser Eating a Core

Richard Larsson ric.larsson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 11:56:25 GMT 2019


I have problems with the Background Parser eating an entire core in my
code.  After coding for a bit (adding a pragma or two), the background
parser tends to get stuck in two particular files.  These files have
recently been changed to have both #pragma-OpenMP for-loops and
Eigen-library code.  GCC compiles the code fine, and everything is running
as expected (except using two threads less than I want because of the eaten
core).  I want this fixed in a way where I don't have to kill kdevelop to
run the program optimally, and I want the syntax highlighting to work.
Going into settings and turning Background Parser off temporarily does not
work so it seems that it gets frozen.

There are other issues with high-lightning wrong as well, but the eaten
core bothers me the most.  How do I fix it?

With hope,

Ps.  The code svn repository is available via "svn co
https://arts.mi.uni-hamburg.de/svn/rt/arts/trunk arts", and I hope this
link does not cause the email to be blocked...
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