debugging: variable watch windows/widgets?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sat Feb 16 14:20:42 GMT 2019

> You can look at "Variables" window and when you "watch" variable in  
> your source (with cursor) it lands in the "Auto".

I had a hunch this might work, but it didn't allow me to open a specific (floating) window for individual variables.

A list-based interface is fine if you have just a single variable that you're watching, but the current tree-based implementation quickly shows its limits even if you're just interested in a nested struct architecture.

> The problem is IMHO that it is not persistent list - restart will show  
> ERROR instead of values

That's probably because an actual debugger watchpoint is used, which is linked to a specific address instead of to a variable name.

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