Wanted: testers for AppImage of KDevelop with more recent versions of bundled deps

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Aug 23 20:16:35 BST 2019


we are looking for people to give feedback on a version of the KDevelop 
AppImage with more recent versions of the bundled dependencies (Qt: 5.9.8 -> 
5.12.4, KF5: v5.54.0 -> v5.61.0, etc)

Please give the experimental build some testing:

wget https://files.kde.org/kdevelop/KDevelop-5.4.2pre-x86_64.AppImage
chmod +x ./KDevelop-5.4.2pre-x86_64.AppImage

If we do not hear back about issues in the next days, we will switch to the 
new variant.

If curious, review of the update is happening here:


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