garbling in the patchreview toolview

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Sep 20 14:17:33 BST 2018


I noticed something annoying with the patchreview plugin. I often use it while doing things like addressing feedback from a review request. I do git/show-differences on a relevant subdir of the project tree; this opens the files I changed and even marks the changed places. Saving is a bit slow because that triggers an update but usually that isn't too bothersome.

Today however I ran into the following: I pasted a replacement pattern over a bit of code that had to change in multiple places (`char*` -> `char` to be exact). Somehow the paste also triggered an update, and I ended up seeing the diff text *in the tab of the file I was editing*.

Anyone else see this before? I haven't been able to reproduce it yet so it's a bit early to report as a bug....


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