cmake question

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Sep 20 11:21:21 BST 2018

On Thursday September 20 2018 11:36:15 Sven Brauch wrote:

>I don't think this is possible in the general case, since targets have 
>dependencies between them and the autogen targets may well depend on compile 
>targets. That's not even super unrealistic, think e.g. kdev-pg-qt generating 

Sure, but the dependency information is there, otherwise a full build would fail too. The question is not if you could generate this information without ever doing a full build but more if cmake could create a target that generates (almost) all those auto things without always doing a full build.

I just tried a build of kdevastyle_autogen (because that's what I'm tinkering with ATM), and that builds the entire kdevastyle source, for some reason, plus seemingly unrelated things like the entire KDevPlatformUtil plugin.

Yet I think we all have noticed that many projects start by doing a possibly very large number of generator operations. Apparently KDevelop is not in that class ... would I be mixing up with qmake-based projects?

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