Monspace font as squares

Antoine Hoarau antoine.hoarau at
Tue Oct 30 08:39:19 GMT 2018

Hello !
I've been having the strangest bug with KDev5 (all version up to 5.3 beta1)
: The monospace font (the default one) is only showing squares (see
attached file).
This seems similar to
So idea what happened on my ubuntu 16.04. I tried regenerating the cache
with sudo fc-cache -r -v -f, copying /etc/fonts/ from a working computer,
copying /usr/share/font* from a working computer, regenerating, rebooting.

In the end I can change the font and I can see the code, build the build
windows is staying at Monospace font even If I change the editor + KConsole
to something else.

I see this Monospace font was an issue at some point :

Thanks for your help !

Antoine that really wants to use clang-tidy
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