KDevelop syntax parser is barely usable

Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Tue Nov 13 11:02:44 GMT 2018


On Tuesday, 13 November 2018 11:55:47 CET Steve the Fiddle wrote:
> I'm still not sure that I really understand how
> to use these properly, and the manual is rather sparse about this feature.

they are really only the compiler includes and defines (-DFOO and -Ifoo). What 
you need to set here compeletely depends on your project, usually you want the 
same here like your build system passes to your actual compiler. Maybe "make 
VERBOSE=1" and copying from the compiler command line helps.

KDevelop is mostly optimized around being used with CMake or qmake, where 
these can be queried from the build system automatically, and you don't need 
to configure anything.

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