find/replace toolview "trolling" due to find/replace key persistence -- bug or desired feature?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Sep 21 10:04:30 BST 2017


Kevin asked me to start a discussion about a new feature which we both find unfortunate. I'm posting this on the user ML because I think it concerns anyone using KDevelop, so please have a look and tell us what you think.

A recent feature request ( for a persistent search/replace history has received a rather unfortunate and invasive implementation (

As a result, searches are remembered and are readily available after restarting a session. That's fine and useful for searches involving complicated regular expressions.

But that's not all: they are actually restarted each time you reopen the session. That's potentially costly (for searches covering entire, big projects) and most of the time just uncalled for. I find it also quite annoying if a toolview reopens when I reopen a session that I closed with another or no toolview open.

Even worse, the search toolview also takes over the patchreview toolview. I think that's really a bug and not a feature: I want the patchreview toolview to activate when I start a diff or commit action, not the search/replace toolview.



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@René: Could you raise a discussion on the mailing list? I also think that new
feature is unfortunate.

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