What version of KDevelop for Centos 6.6?

Nick Savoiu savoiu at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 00:56:48 BST 2017

OK, that's not a deal breaker as long as I can set them within KDevelop and have it remember those settings from run to run.
As a side note, I notice that memory usage has increased significantly. What used to take ~1.2GB now takes 7.5GB (virtual memory that is). Is this expected?

    On Thursday, September 7, 2017, 11:10:15 AM PDT, Sven Brauch <mail at svenbrauch.de> wrote:  
 On 07/09/17 19:59, Nick Savoiu wrote:
> Are there any differences/limitations when using the AppImage version
> as opposed to using a regularly built binary?

It's hard to make it fit your system GUI style / color scheme / icon
theme etc. Other than that, nothing significant we're aware of, if you
find anything let us know.

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