source formatting for .h files: C or C++?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Sep 4 16:18:18 BST 2017

On Monday September 04 2017 16:40:18 Aleix Pol wrote:

> I think that we're just checking the mimetype so that's why:
> $ kmimetypefinder5 kcategorizedview.h
> text/x-chdr
> Maybe you can look at the code how the language is inferred.

kmimetypefinder5 simply calls QMimeDatabase::mimeTypeForFile(). You can invoke the app with `-c` in which case the returned mimetype will be determined from the file contents only. Not a win: for the above file it returns text/x-csrc ...

I don't think it'd be a good idea to try and do better than QMimeDatabase, at least I'm not going to claim I can. 

KDevelop might tune the response based on what it knows about in which files a given .h file is included but even that remains tricky. How to you classify and format a headerfile that contains both C and C++ code?

Is the formatting handled purely inside KDevelop code, or does it in fact rely on KTextEditor or KSyntaxHighlighting? If purely in-house it might be possible to couple it to the known value of __cplusplus (and __OBJC__)?

And it would probably be a good idea anyway to make it possible to couple the formatting for all C dialects. How often does it happen that you want different formatting for the C and C++ files in a given session which does NOT coincide with different formatting for different projects in that session? IOW, why can C/C++ formatting be different but is it not possible to have one project say using tabs for indentation and another using spaces? (That happens much more often for me...)


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