unwanted added compiler arguments, not really a KDevelop issue

Arthur Gruzauskas arthur at gruz.net
Tue Oct 31 03:57:27 GMT 2017

On Monday, 30 October 2017 2:46:58 PM AEDT you wrote:
> On 30/10/17 14:27, Arthur Gruzauskas wrote:
> > now it appends "-fPIC -std=gnu++11" to my build panel command line...
> Yeah, because now the C++ mode for cmake is C++11 ;)
> I think cmake_cxx_standard=17 does not work yet? Try appending
> -std=c++17 to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in CMakeLists.txt.

either -std=c++1z or -std=c++17 in CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS seems acceptable, but then 
both are overridden by the appended "-fPIC -std=gnu++11" on the end by CMake.


the appended stuff on the build line becomes "-fPIC -std=c++14"

changing to:

the appended stuff on the build line becomes "-fPIC -std=c++1z"

So, KDevelop and CMake are doing the right thing after all !!!

Unfortunately that causes miscompiles within #include <string>, which is the 
first line in a source file...

So, this problem does not belong on this list. Thank you for helping me see I 
need to look elsewhere.

Arthur, who will be playing with a basic new project to troubleshoot this 
issue, happy to have pruned a large chunk off the problem tree.

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