Can't stop/insert BP with gdb 7.12

Leon Pollak leonp at
Sun Oct 1 12:12:35 BST 2017

Hello, all.

The kdevelop 5.1.1 works strange with gdb in remote debug on my ARM target.

When using gdb 7.7 everything works fine.

When switching to gdb 7.12, I can't stop the running program and also can't 
insert BP in it.
When I press "Interrupt" button, all tool bar becomes disabled, but the 
program continues running. From this point only stopping and exiting can help.

Plane gdb works fine in all cases.
But plane gdb 7.12, although working, produces for each step several messages 
Python Exception <type 'exceptions.NameError'> Installation error: 
gdb.execute_unwinders function is missing:
May be this error "bother"/"drives crazy" the kdevelop?


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