Multi Cursor Selection like Atom

Sven Brauch mail at
Wed Nov 29 10:30:41 GMT 2017

On 22/11/17 19:01, Dr. Olaf Marthiens wrote:
> is it possible to select several identical words to change them? 
> Clion (alt+j), AtomEditor (ctrl+d) can do that. 
> You mark a text passage, then press the keyboard shortcut to mark the
> next text passage that occurs immediately and the editor is in special
> mode. With the cursor keys the position of all caret can be changed
> relatively. The text can be changed or marked. The carets work
> relatively from the position and syncron. ESC ends this mode. 

There's the "multicursor" branch in ktexteditor which does this but
unfortunately it still has a few bugs (e.g. double-click-and-drag select
behaves a bit strangely, and the old column mode is kinda broken). Help
in fixing it up so it could potentially be merged would be very welcome.


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