René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Nov 14 11:26:07 GMT 2017

On Tuesday November 14 2017 11:40:25 Sven Brauch wrote:
>On 06/11/17 14:39, Jim Kiekbusch wrote:
>> Is there a rev level of kdevelop that supports TCL development?
>As I said yesterday in the comments section on, no, there
>isn't. ;)

You know, I really think that's doing the project injustice. I'd reserve that answer to questions like "is there support for music development in KDevelop", or support for baking cookies. Not every KDevelop user is a seasoned developer with formal training and the vocabulary that comes with it (and with being english spoken!). Some will interpret "to support" as in "will this support my weight", i.e. if it doesn't you shouldn't be putting it to use for that purpose.

Would you say KDevelop does NOT support PHP support if you don't have the external plugin installed, to the extent that you can't do any such development at all with it, or Python development without kdev-python installed?

I know people who wrote their entire PhD thesis in LaTeX using an IDE and I would have done the same if I'd had one at the time.

Could you also just as well be using Kate for this level of development support, or emacs? Possibly, but there's also an advantage to using the same tool all the time, and if KDevelop is the best tool for one of the applications you have for such a tool you could just as well be using that across the board.

To me the answer should be more positive: KDevelop provides tools that will support most kinds of (software) development, but it doesn't provide any specific support for {Haskell, Tcl, ...} until someone writes a plugin for it. Those last few words are my subtler way of saying "patches welcome" ;)

Anyway, my 0.02€ (that's more than $0.02, you can keep the change ^^)


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