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>                  Hi,


> I'm working on a project using drivers for 32 bit linux. I do have a VM to
> develop in. I'm pleased with Kdevelop4.7.3, but I read about all kinds of
> cool features/plugins for 5. (Valgring, Control Flow Graph, etc)
> I tried to install version 5.1.0 from source, but I'm not skilled enough to
> follow your insturctions.

Could you tell us where you're blocked? Which Ubuntu version is this? It 
should be fairly easy these days to compile KDevelop, using kdesrc-build.

I've summarized the procedure here, for Ubuntu 15.10+:

> The Binary build would be ideal, but I would need this for a 32 bit ubuntu
> 16.04.

Unfortunately we don't offer a prebuilt AppImage for 32-bit as of today. The 
amount of work needed to create an AppImage for 32-bit isn't justified since 
there's basically no demand for it. Close  to everyone's running a 64-bit 
Linux these days.

You're the first to request it, I think ;)

Hope that helps,

> Thanks for your time,
> Stephan Osterkamp

Kevin Funk | kfunk at kde.org | http://kfunk.org
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