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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Sun Mar 26 10:09:57 UTC 2017

On Saturday, 25 March 2017 19:01:27 CEST Jeffrey Rocchio wrote:
> In googling around I came across your blog on Ddevelop, which is why I am
> reaching out to you. Tho I'll understand if you don't have time to reply.
> I've been using Kdevelop for the past 3 months now (on Fedora 25, KDE spin)
> and I am really happy and impressed with it. I have a PHP site I built and
> maintain.
> My question is - does Kdevelop support PHP debugging? I have xdebug
> installed, but Kdevelop doesn't seem to have a plugin for it; and it does
> not work in the IDE. Even tho there is a PHP option in the configure
> runtilme dialog, it fails if trying to execute a debug session. Haven't
> been able to find any solutions via google searches.


It does, but you do need to install the kdev-xdebug plugin yourself. I'm not 
sure it's even in a compile-able state at the moment. Note that kdev-xdebug 
only works with KDevelop 4.

See this old-ish blog post for an intro:

You can check out the plugin here:

To compile you need have (at least) the development headers of kdevplatform 


> Any possible help appreciated!
> Jeffrey Rocchio
> 704-584-9133 | jeffrocchio at
> <>

Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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