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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Fri Jun 16 09:00:33 BST 2017

On Thursday, 15 June 2017 17:57:47 CEST Michael George Hart wrote:
> I do a lots CUDA development using my own hand role modification of kate
> and cmake
> I read some place on the web that kdevelop version 5.2 will support CUDA
> directly.
> I was wondering how far along is the CUDA support and how can I get a copy
> of it.


yes, there will be initial CUDA support with KDevelop 5.2. See these patches 
for an intro:

We haven't blogged about the feature yet.
@Aetf: Since you're the main author -- interested in writing a blog post?

No prebuild binaries available for 5.2 yet, but you can always just compile 
KDevelop from source:

Hope that helps,

> Thanks
> Michael

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