how to change KDevelop GUI font

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Dec 25 20:12:52 GMT 2017

On Friday December 15 2017 17:03:31 俞吉 wrote:

>     I have a question: how can I  change the GUI font size?
>   I run " KDevelop-5.2.1-x86_64.AppImage" on Ubuntu 14.04.
>   Waiting for you message, thank you.


I don't know of any official KF5 packages for Trusty, but do you have KDE4 installed?  You'd need at least the systemsettings package and possibly kde-runtime. Then you can invoke either systemsettings or `kcmshell4 fonts` and select the GUI fonts you want.

This should save a file ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals (or possibly ~/.kde4/share/config/kdeglobals); you can copy this file to ~/.config/kdeglobals or else copy the font definitions and other parts you want to that file if it already exists.

AFAIK the appimage will not use all settings from your kdeglobals but it should honour the fonts you've defined there.


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