background parser jobs?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Aug 30 12:40:24 BST 2017


KDevelop4 showed the files (remaining) to be parsed in its toolbar menu button with the "menu allowing to stop individual jobs". Useful for reference but not crucial. Somewhere down the line I think the individual entries disappeared in KDevelop5 but it remained possible to interrupt the background parser. Now that seems to be gone too (v5.1.2).

Is that a casualty or an intended change?

FWIW, I've disabled to option to (re)parse all projects when they're being loaded, so in my set-up only files that are open get parsed on project load or when they change on disk. Apparently that is actually "files that are or were open" BTW, which is actually quite annoying when you hoped that closing that 1 huge file including lots of headers would reduce the CPU burning caused by actions like checking out branches.


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