meson or generic ninja support?

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Fri Aug 4 18:13:02 BST 2017

On Friday, 4 August 2017 17:36:28 CEST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm tinkering with a project that configures using meson and builds using
> ninja. Is there anything in (the works for KDevelop) that allows to import
> such projects properly? FWIW I see that meson generates a
> compile_commands.json script, and it is invoked as a sort of cross-over
> between configure and cmake (e.g. --prefix=$prefix but -Doption=value for
> build options).

No support and no work on that planned.

The CMake support itself relies heavily on having a compile_commands.json 
around [1] -- I'm sure you could at least factor out this functionality into a 
generic project manager plugin.

But the author of Meson once send us a bug report where he suggested to 
implement Meson support:

With Meson getting more and more popular (at least that's my impression) that 
might be a good junior task.


[1] See kdevelop.git:projectmanagers/cmake/cmakeimportjsonjob.cpp
> Thanks,
> R.

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