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Michael George Hart at
Mon Sep 12 03:10:10 BST 2016

I would love to contribute to Kdevelop but I can't get even get the thing
build on my OpenSuse 13.2 system ;)

As things free up I want to add a plugin for the MAUDE programming
language... anyone care to give some guidance in adding adding a language

The MAUDE language is an interpreter so I was thinking that the
php/ruby/python plugin code source would my guide.... HOWEVER, I was
wondering if there is a general guide to adding new language support.


On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 4:26 AM, Kevin Funk <kfunk at> wrote:

> Heya,
> for anyone planning to contribute to KDevelop, here's the list of current
> junior jobs:
> For example, I've just reported this issue, which should be super trivial
> to
> fix:
>   "KDevelop crashes when trying to debug from command-line"
> We've also updated the website to make it easier to get started:
> Hope to see some new faces :)
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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> Kevin Funk | kfunk at |

*"...Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we
fight with when all is lost..."*
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