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Fri Nov 25 16:53:01 GMT 2016


On 11/24/2016 07:56 PM, Robert Puskas wrote:
> After browsing around the project folder created by KDevelop, I
> noticed that none of the cmake files contain any entry about my newly
> added my.h and my.cpp files, so I suspect my.cpp is never compiled
> and/or linked.
That's correct.

> Could somebody tell me how to add these files to the
> compile list?
Just add them to the add_executable() call in CMakeLists.txt, e.g.
something like add_executable(test main.cpp foo.cpp something.cpp)

> Is there an automatic way (if I use the create file
> option from the menu, it would automatically mark the file to be
> compiled) for this? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong?
We had this in the past, but had to remove the component which did it
because it was too complicated. Right now, you have to add your source
files by hand to the CMakeLists.txt file. Re-introducing the assistant
doing that automatically would certainly be a nice feature.


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