#Cmake, multiple toolchains, howto simple switch

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 08:24:46 GMT 2016

On Wednesday November 16 2016 08:37:31 Mário Oravec wrote:

>Here is my suggestion how I would like it, if I click on target and choose build, kdevelop will 
>change configuration automatically in background before build, but now it is not possible 
>because kdevelop present just targets of active configuration.

That's going to be complicated: not only would the CMake project manager have to check all build directories for targets, it would also have to figure something out if multiple build directories have the same targets (say if you have 2 build dirs. configured to compare how 2 different compilers deal with the same source code).

A drop-down or sub menu (in the Project menu) could indeed be nice. But it would also be very nice if KDevelop didn't forcibly rerun cmake if you change build directories and the new one already has a compile_commands.json file (i.e. if it wouldn't rerun cmake when you open a project configured for that build dir).

What I find more important though (in terms of priority) is a proper way of configuring the cmake "extra arguments" (but also the install location and build type!!) after you create a project.


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