Set parsing mode to C++14

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Nov 10 08:54:29 GMT 2016

On Thursday November 10 2016 08:07:44 Maverick Chardet wrote:

>parser in C++14 mode. Every time I use a C++14 function of the standard
>library it is not found (ex: std::begin, or std::make_unique), even though
>it compiles just fine.

Are the corresponding headers provided in a dedicated directory, maybe? You could start by figuring out where they live and add their path(s) as additional search paths in the "language support" dialog of the project settings.

The compile_commands.json file is already generated with cmake, so generating it by hand shouldn't be necessary esp. if you don't need to invoke cmake with arguments.


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