Kdevelop 4 vs. 3.5

Erik Rull erik.rull at rdsoftware.de
Sat Jan 2 10:56:56 UTC 2016


I use Kdevelop 3.5 for now more than 8 years.
I never had the need to update due to my development environment.
Now I switched to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and installed Kdevelop 4 that is
included in this distribution.
It's horrible. The startup speed without having a project open is really
slow (CPU with 4 GB ram, 4 cores, SSD) and when trying to somehow import my
existing code (file by file, the project file is not accepted by 4) to the
Kdevelop 4 project structures I get it either stalled (doing nothing any
more) or get it crashed.
Well the project is not small. ~ 150k lines of code, more than 800 files (C++).
Is there a way to get my existing 3.5 project to 4 without killing the

The "only" thing that I really need is the code completion and the standard
editor features like syntax checking + highlighting. This worked really
great in 3.5, but there is no install package for 3.5 for Ubuntu 12.04 any
I don't need gmake and other parts of the project handling, I use the
standard linux shell + make for compiling the project.


Best regards,


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