frequent beachballing

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Feb 7 09:11:06 GMT 2016


beachballing: colloquial term to designate an OS X application that is not responding to user events and displays the rainbow beachball cursor instead.

I've been using KDevelop5 a bit more, now that I discovered how to make it pick up required parsing information from headers that it apparently doesn't find based on cmake's data alone.

I'm getting very frequent beachballing while I'm typing and some component starts searching for completion patterns. The version I'm using is about a week old; iIn earlier versions this kind of temporary lock-up often meant the parser was going to crash. That no longer happens, but even on a 2.7Ghz i7 the UI freezes are too long and disruptive.

I've seen some remarks about how on OS X KDevelop no longer uses KIO (or DBus?) for certain features. I would guess that the parser runs as a plugin inside the KDevelop process rather than as an independent helper, but the kind of UI freeze I'm seeing does seem a possible side-effect of replacing async KIO/DBus calls with alternative direct calls. It would also explain why I don't appear to be seeing the same thing on my Linux rig. That hardware is so much slower though that I hardly use IDEs on it and the symptoms could be masked by the general slowness.


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