git status --porcelain error?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Dec 28 10:19:28 GMT 2016


I've begun seeing an error or warning on my Linux system that appears in the version control toolview, after certain git operations but sometimes also when I try to do a git operation (a priori via the in-document context menu):

> Command finished with error FailedToStart.
> /opt/local/site-ports> git status --porcelain -- /opt/local/site-ports

That command completes without issues when I execute it myself in the indicated directory.

Any idea what this means? Can I just ignore it? Not entirely it would seem: when it occurs via the in-document context menu it usually means the intended operation indeed failed or was never executed because the git status command failed. The few times this happened to me I could achieve the intended result through the equivalent context menu in the project manager.


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