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Miquel Sabaté mikisabate at gmail.com
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Hi Milian,

Thanks a lot!

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 2:53 AM, Milian Wolff <mail at milianw.de> wrote:

> Good news everyone!
> After quite some work, I finally massaged the KTextEditor plugin API into
> our
> KDevelop framework. For now, I only load the snippets plugin, as it's the
> only
> one where I'm 100% sure we want to have it.
> Now, it would be cool if others could finish up the work I've started. It's
> all nicely unit tested and also quite central, i.e. just one file you'll
> have
> to touch. Just look at application.h and window.h from KTextEditor and add
> implementations for the missing methods by adding the corresponding slots
> to
> the KTextEditorIntegration classes.
> What we'll probably want I've mentioned also in the commit message. Most
> notably, the VI mode people want to add some functions to get split views
> properly integrated.

I'm a heavy user of split views myself, and there are some bug reports
about this, so I'll work on this asap.

> Then, someone - this does not necessarily need to be a develop - should
> compare the functionality of plugins in Kate and KDevelop. Here, I'm mostly
> thinking about the file system browser, the open documents plugin, the open
> document switcher plugin, and the search & replace plugin.
> All of them we have in both applications, but they have slightly different
> UI's and functionality. My goal is to remove all the KDevelop specific
> plugins
> and replace them by the Kate plugins. This will require some investigation
> on
> whether this is possible with minimal changes to Kate code. We will
> definitely
> have to extend the code to abstract the document system away, such that we
> can
> open/manage non-KTextEditor documents.
> Bye
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