Unsuccessful upgrade

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Tue Jul 28 15:57:11 BST 2015

On Tuesday 28 July 2015 15:26:06 Milian Wolff wrote:
> that means your env is broken.
> echo $KDEDIRS
> or, better yet:
> kde4-config --path services
[leonp at leonp PHOMES]$ kde4-config --path services

> What does that give you? Run find in the returned folders and ensure 
> "kdev*.desktop" can be found.
The first directory is empty. the second is full of smth not kdev*.
The third contains 47 kdev*.desktop files and 12 kcm-kdev*.desktop files.

I also tried:
and then:
export KDEDIRS=/usr:/usr/local; kdevelop

No change...:-((
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