New version debugger issue.

Funkster ollyatwork at
Wed Jul 15 09:58:41 BST 2015

Aleix Pol <aleixpol at ...> writes:
> I'm unsure about the
> nature of your issue, but it's probably related to ARM or to actually
> using remote debugging (which I haven't so far).

   I'll try to confirm / deny it being a general remote debugging issue
later, as I have other projects where I remote debug to other Linux ARM and
x86 targets via gdbserver rather than OpenOCD. The path of connections is
very different...

x86/linux target:
KDevelop > local native-GDB > tcp connection > gdbserver on target > application

KDevelop > local cross-GDB > OpenOCD > Olimex JTAG cable > target board

   My non-linux ARM toolchain is built from source so I can probably try
other GDB versions, though IIRC I ended up on 7.6.1 due to problems in an
earlier version so I probably can't go backwards.

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