Unsuccessful upgrade

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Mon Jul 13 18:21:41 BST 2015

On Monday 13 July 2015 19:29:40 Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello. all.
> After yesterday's upgrade of my FC20, kdevelop debugger produces an message
> about the MI error and does not stop at breakpoints.
> I wanted to return back to the working version, but "yum downgrade" also
> does not work - a lot of errors about old version...
> So, I decided to download the version which was before the update (4.5.2)
> and compile and install.
> So, I did this without setting parameters (global build/installation) with
> the old scripts I had.
> Everything passed without an error.
> I also run kbuildsycoca4 and even rebooted.
> But starting the kdevelop says that it does not find cmake and ifile
> plugins. Running ktraderclient --servicetype KDevelop/Plugin really says
> serviceType  "KDevelop/Plugin"  not found got 0 offers.
> I checked - the kdevelop is in the /usr/local.
> And: echo $KDEDIRS
> /usr/local:/usr
> But it does not want to work...:-(

strace -e open kbuildsycoca4  |& grep kdev

what does that say?
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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