Configuring document view plugin

Tuomas Karna fuzzefuze at
Thu Sep 4 19:00:50 BST 2014

Hi all,

Previously in KDevelop 4.5 the document view plugin grouped files by file
type and didn't show the path, only the file names. I upgraded to Kubuntu
14.04 that ships KDevelop 4.6 and (if I have no projects loaded) the files
are grouped by directory and full directory path is shown.

This makes the tool difficult to use, first because grouping by directory
is not always useful, and second because the full path is too long to

Is there a way to configure the document view plugin? For example to change
the grouping rule and the way paths are displayed (last 1 or 2 directories
should be sufficient).

I see that if I create a project all the paths are relative to the project
root. But if I'm just editing a bunch of scripts I don't want to create a
project for that.

I'm using
Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
kdevelop 4:4.6.0-0ubuntu3


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