restoring open documents after closing a patch review ("show differences")

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Oct 31 13:06:50 GMT 2014


I often use KDevelop's "git/show differences" command to start the patch review plugin, so it's rather bothersome that the plugin doesn't close the exact state of the main window upon exit. There's the fact that the documentation window is moved to the rhs (and often opened when it wasn't). Even more annoying is the fact that the very files you were working on (and that were thus included in the patch review) tend not to be open anymore.

>From what I understand, the plugin closes all documents not part of the patch set in updateReview():

    Sublime::MainWindow* w = *dynamic_cast*<Sublime::MainWindow*>( ICore::self()->uiController()->activeMainWindow() );
    // Close views for documents that were loaded from the working set, but are not in the patch
    QList<IDocument*> documentsList = documents.values();
    *foreach*( Sublime::View* view, w->area()->views() ) {
        IDocument* doc = *dynamic_cast*<IDocument*>( view->document() );
        *if*( doc && documentsList.contains( doc ) ) {
            w->area()->closeView( view );
but I don't see any explicit action to reopen them in the take-down code.
So how come certain files (not part of the patch set) are reopened, but not (most) files that are part of the patch set?
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