Parser issue? - Cont.

Milian Wolff mail at
Mon Oct 20 09:50:13 BST 2014

On Sunday 19 October 2014 11:42:18 Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello, all.
> My previous mail (attached below) was not answered, so I continued to
> experiment.
> My experiments showed that none of the definitions made in the
> CMakeLists.txt file are not recognized by the parser.
> I have no idea why and how BUILD_PPC gets defined, no visible reason. I
> tried tochange its place to be the first - no influence.

You can also try to set a conditional breakpoint in pp_macro::pp_macro(const 
KDevelop::IndexedString& nm) when nm.str() == "BUILD_PPC" and figure it out 
from there.

Also do a recursive grep in your source folder's .kdev4 folder (maybe its a 
macro that gets added via Custom Defines and Includes?).

> So, if nobody comments on this, I am going to fill report in

Don't forget to attach a project with which we can reproduce this issue, 
otherwise it won't help us at all.

Milian Wolff
mail at

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