Toolviews toolbars (luckily) not implemented as KMultiTabBar

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Sun May 11 10:57:19 BST 2014

Hi Kevin,

On 11 May 2014, at 11:27 , Kevin Funk <kfunk at> wrote:
> I think there's no easy way to answer this. Likely, the author of the current 
> approach didn't know about KMultiTabBar and implemented his own widget(s).
luckily. :-)

> FYI: The sublime module in kdevplatform (esp. Sublime::IdealButtonBarWidget) 
> takes care of handling this multitab-bar functionality. So, if you want to 
> check what KDevelop does differently, you'll have to search there.
Thanks for the hint.
However, let’s hope that one day Qt’s font rendering will be able to correctly
determine font sizes on OSX [1].



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