Missing application icons of many KDE apps on MacPorts/OSX

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On Saturday 22 March 2014 19:39:02 mk-lists at email.de wrote:

> [ I am cross-posting this also to KMyMoney’s and KDevelop’s mailing lists,
> because I hope for some synergy (see the example at the bottom of this
> post). ]
> Hi devs,
> I know, the following might not be a very pressing one, but it is a
> long-standing issue on MacPorts [1]
> Many KDE applications are not showing their application icon correctly. For
> visual people it can be a show-stopper, which is why I want to bring it up
> Here in my MacPorts installation I have in KDE 4.12.2 in total 55 KDE
> applications listed in /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4/.
> ONLY 11 of these 55 actually show a proper application icon. (I could post a
> screenshot somewhere, in case of need.)
> Well, the apps which are able to supply an application icon are:
> 	dolphin.app
> 	kapptemplate.app
> 	kfind.app
> 	khelpcenter.app
> 	kmymoney.app
> 	kompare.app
> 	kuiviewer.app
> 	kwrite.app
> 	lokalize.app
> 	okteta.app
> 	umbrello.app
> Of the remaining 55 there are certainly some which belong to applications
> which are only launchers for something or helper apps, but some are
> certainly normal applications which should be supplying an icon. I consider
> the following as such: cervisia.app
> 	kate.app
> 	kdenlive.app
> 	kdevelop.app
> 	konqueror.app
> An example:
> -----------------
> KMyMoney obviously does something differently compared to KDevelop, since
> the latter is on MacOSX/MacPorts NOT ABLE to deliver the application icon
> to OSX’ finder and dock.
> If one has added KDevelop to OSX’ dock, one can actually see only a generic
> Xcode-application-icon for KDevelop as long as it is not started.
> Once you start up KDevelop you’ll see that the icon immediately switches to
> the correct one.
> As soon as KDevelop is closed the icon reverts back to the generic one.
> However, KMyMoney does NOT do such a dance!
> Any ideas what could be the reason?

I found the following in KMyMoneys kmymoney/CMakeLists.txt

  KDE4_ADD_APP_ICON( kmymoney_SRCS hi*-app-kmymoney.png )

and http://techbase.kde.org/Development/CMake/Addons_for_KDE shows that this 
is for Windows and MacOSX. It also talks about Finder.

Hope that helps.



Thomas Baumgart

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