KDevelop dosen't detect QString as QString

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Fri Jan 24 12:19:21 GMT 2014

On Thursday 23 January 2014 18:27:38 Freddy Martinez Garcia wrote:
> Hi friends..
> someone know how KDevelop dose not complet fine a QString type ???
> KDevelop detect me QString as function <nonetype> (const char*) and not as
> QString.... someone know about it??/

Yes, that's due to a bug somewhere which somehow triggers randomly. We then 
parse the qstring.h without the proper include paths or macro environment and 
end up with tons of parse errors. Essentially all the used macros in qstring.h 
are seen as invalid identifiers and then we fail to parse the class as 
supposed. In the end you get the very wrong result of an improper parse run 
which misses the class definition alltogether and thinks the methods live in 
the global context...

It's hard to debug as its random. Anyhow, I hope with kdev-clang this goes 
away finally!

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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