Remote Debugging, does not stop on breakpoints

Throstur Jonsson tj at
Wed Jan 8 15:55:05 GMT 2014

I'm using the newest version of KDevelop 4.6. on Linux Mint. Everything 
seems to be working fine and I can easily debug on the local system.
However I need to do remote debugging against a ARM-Linux based platform 
(yes I do cross compiling and it works fine).
Somewhere on the web I found that I should create a script file 
prepare-target.gdb like this:

#set remotebreak 1
set $connected=0
shell sleep 5
target remote
set $connected=1
continue # optional...

I link that file into the KDevelop "Lunch Configuration" such:

             Remote Debug
                 Config gdb script: 

I start the gdbserver on the ARM platform such:
    gdbserver :2345 ./mytestdebug
that responds: "Listening on port 2345"

I put some brakepoints in main.c and select "Debug" for the project. It 
starts running on the remote host, but does not stop on the brakepoint.
Any clue what that could be or how to enable the breakpoints on the 
remote host?


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